2024 Summer Pinball League



Iron City Pinball League Details
ICPL is a social and competitive pinball league for anyone interested in pinball!

Players will play 4 games of pinball per night, each game with a different group.

All skill levels are welcome and invited to join!  No experience necessary!

Our first 3 seasons averaged 68 members!



Helicon Brewing, 102 Union Ave., Oakdale, PA 15071

Summer 2024 Season Schedule

Check-in from 6:30 p.m. - 7:20 p.m.

First round starts at 7:30pm sharp!

Week 1: Tuesday 6/4/2024 @ Helicon Brewing, Oakdale, PA
Week 2: Tuesday 6/11/2024 @ Helicon Brewing, Oakdale, PA
Week 3: Tuesday 6/18/2024 @ Helicon Brewing, Oakdale, PA
Week 4: Tuesday 6/25/2024 @ Helicon Brewing, Oakdale, PA
Week 5: Tuesday 7/2/2024 @ Helicon Brewing, Oakdale, PA *****4th of July Party! ******
Week 6: Tuesday 7/9/2024 @ Helicon Brewing, Oakdale, PA


*********    End of regular season ************



A Division Playoffs: Tuesday 7/16/2024 @ Helicon Brewing, Oakdale, PA

B Division playoffs:  Tuesday 7/23/2024 @ Helicon Brewing, Oakdale, PA
Playoffs check-in starts at 5:30 pm; first round starts at 6:30 pm sharp!


What does it cost? 

$10 entry fee for the season + coin drop.
All entry fees are spent on:
Fees for IFPA for World Pinball Player Rankings (WPPRs).

Software fees.
Raffle prizes and champion plaques.

There are no cash prizes for playoffs.

League officials are volunteers and receive no compensation.


How do I sign up?

Show up at any league night and see us at our table to register!  

Also, please sign in for play each night.

6 Week Regular Season details
Each player plays 4 games of pinball per week (4 rounds of 1 game each).

You will be placed in groups of 4 (or sometimes 3).

Machine selection is random for each round.

Play order is determined by software.

First round: 1 game with random group pairing.
2nd round:  1 game with Swiss pairing based on 1st round scores. 
3rd round: 1 game with Swiss pairing based on first 2 rounds' combined scores.
4th round: 1 game with Swiss pairing based on first 3 rounds' combined scores.
The scoring for each round will be 7, 5, 3, 1 for groups of 4.

The scoring for each round will be 7, 4, 1 for groups of 3.

Your total points each week (between 4 and 28 points) will be compiled for standings.

Your best 4 of 6 weeks' scores count towards your standing.
Player groups enter their own group scores after each round.


Players must play a minimum of 3 weeks in the season to be eligible for playoffs.

The top 16 players qualify for A division playoffs.

The remainder of the field will play in B division playoffs.  

Top IFPA 2,000 players do not qualify for B division.
Playoff format for A division is Head-to-Head, 2 player, best-of-5-game matches, IFPA-style.

B division format is head-to-head, 2 player, best-of-3-game matches.

Seeding tie-breakers will go by:  

Best 4 of 6 weeks' score, then by best total score (all 6 weeks), then by highest one-week total, next highest week total, etc.

If needed, a one-game playoff will be used for playoff seeding.


Who are the officials?
Joe Scaletta (JCS)
Nicole Somplatsky Penrose (NSP)
Clay Penrose (CAP)
Abi Huchko (ASH)

Gamplay Rules
We follow the PAPA/IFPA standards regarding all rulings. 
These can be viewed at:   https://www.ifpapinball.com/rules/

Officials' rulings are final.  Officials reserve the right to make flexible rulings in the best interest of the league.

Due to the match play format, players arriving late will not be able to play.  
Extra balls must be plunged and not played.
The officials should be contacted for stuck balls, machine issues, or gameplay rulings.
Please be kind and respectful of the venue, your fellow players, and your officials.
Have fun and good luck!




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